Incorporated in 2006, U.S. Composite Pipe, Inc. began offering long term structural solutions to collection systems. We have installations as far west as Hawaii and as far north as Canada. Our very first project was to design and build three 10′ diameter tunnel shafts for the Charleston Water System in South Carolina. Each shaft was 110′ deep from rim to invert. Since then we have been providing corrosion resistant collection system components for all of North America. While our typical partners are municipal wastewater collection system owners, we also serve other industries. Landfills, pulp and paper, chemical, refining, and mining are all industries with a need for inert structural products.

Our facility is located just south of Ft. Worth, Texas. U.S. Composite Pipe, Inc is part of the Thompson Pipe Group family owned business. The Thompson families, owners of Thompson Pipe Group, have been in the pipeline construction industry for more than 30 years. The Thompson philosophy has always been to produce the very best quality product along with outstanding customer service. Our products are produced to certain ASTM standards and we stand behind those products 100%. In today’s trend of overseas outsourcing and foreign ownership, we take great pride in being one of the few American owned pipe producers in the United States.

U.S. Composite Pipe, Inc. is a registered Texas engineering firm and it is quite common for us to work with owners and designers by aiding in the engineering of our products. In most cases, we can take an idea or concept and turn that vision into a tangible product. Bring us your vision and we will help turn it into a solution.