U.S. Composite Pipe, Inc. is a full line custom shop. Using our corrosion resistant polymer concrete, we can pour varies shapes and products to meet the custom design needs of our customers. Whether we are using our metal forms or building special wood forms, we can accommodate the ever changing needs of today’s design engineers. As long as we can ship it, we can build it.

Advantages of USCP custom structures:

• Corrosion resistant material, requires no coating or lining
• Can be built to the size and shape required
• Same unit weight as Portland cement concrete allows it to be designed to counter the affects of buoyancy when required
• Steel reinforced

Product Information & Updates

Steel vs FRP Reinforcement

Yield Corrosion Design   FRP Brittle failure Not ductile Rely on concrete for ductility High reduction factors Barrel Reinforcement Corrosion of steel rebar: There has been some attention given to the use of steel reinforcement in the USCP products.  Sadly, the...

Rubber Gasket Joints

USCP utilizes a rubber gasket on all of our round structures.  The gasket and joint are designed to meet the requirements of ASTM C443 in order to provide a long term watertight joint.  The profile shape of our joint is designed as the same profile used by standard...

Higher Compression Strength is Better

How important is the compressive strength of polymer concrete? Polymer concrete is known for having robust material properties.  Both compressive and tensile properties of polymer concrete will typically exceed those of a standard Portland cement concrete.  Along with...