U.S. Composite Pipe, Inc. offers both open cut and micro-tunnel installed pipe designs. Our pipe diameters are designed around current ASTM C-76 sizes. Our product is well suited for the high axial thrust loads required to push the pipe during installation of a micro-tunnel pipeline. The corrosion resistant polymer concrete makes the use of our product a single pass system without the requirement to come back and line the pipe or insert a carrier pipe. When our pipe is used in an open cut or direct bury installation, the pipe is installed in the same manner as reinforced concrete pipe. Since our product is steel reinforced, we build it to ASTM C-76 pipe specifications. The pipe is classified by the same strength class number used for RCP. When our pipe is installed in an open cut installation, the same RCP bedding type is utilized.

Advantages of USCP pipe:

• Corrosion resistant material, requires no coating or lining
• Designed to be used as a single pass system
• High compressive strength
• Rigid material
• Steel reinforced