USCP uses two different engineered lifting devices for handling our products.  Both of these devices are cast into the product during production.  One device we use is what is commonly referred to in the precast industry as a utility anchor.  The utility anchor is cast flush to the product surface and has a recess pocket which allows for the use of standard rigging such as hooks or shackles.  No special tool or attachment is needed.  Once the product is set, the recess can either be left as it is or filled in with grout.


The second type of lifter is the cable loop.  These cables are cast into the product during production.  The rigging can then be attached to the cables using a standard hook or shackle.  It should be noted that only slings or single legs should be used for lifting.  The use of a single chain or cable that has been run through more than one cable loop lifter can exceed the tensile capacity of the actual cable loop lifter.  Once the product has been set, the cable can either be left in the product or removed with a grinder/ cutting wheel.


USCP uses these types of lifters so the contractor doesn’t have to scramble to find a special lifting device.

It should be noted that sling angles should never be less than 45 deg when measured from the horizontal to vertical.

Minimum Sling Leg Length

  • 48” Diameter—4’
  • 60” Diameter—5’
  • 72” Diameter—6’
  • 84” Diameter—7’
  • 96” Diameter—8’
  • 120” Diameter—10’
  • 144” Diameter—12’
  • 192” Diameter—16’